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Archangel Statue


Archangels are high vibrational entities that exist outside of any one religion. They shine the light of the Divine and the energy of unconditional love.


They are eager and willing to offer their love, guidance, healing and support whenever we ask.  They will never just interfere in your life you must ask and invite them into your life for their assistance.


Each angel possesses a certain energy relating to different challenges in our life. As we work with different angels we are aligning with the energy and vibration of that particular entity.


Angels vibrate on a very high frequency and light, so elevating our own vibration will be very helpful for us to connect with them.


Ways of elevating our vibration can be through meditation, music, journaling, color, and candles.


My intention for creating the angel candles was to personify these beings with their own beautiful image, enabling us as humans to visually relate to them, and work with them. Fire and flame equal transformation and change, that is why candles are a wonderful technique.


My desire for creating Loving Lights Candles was to provide a tool for you to connect and work with the angels. As you work with the angels and do the work, it will provide opportunities to break any barriers that are preventing your from living a fulfilling, enlightened, and purposeful life.


That is my wish for you, that your life becomes complete with love, peace, joy and abundance in all aspects of your life



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