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I wanted to share a story about my experience with the Blessed Mother.


It had been almost ten years of Doctors, test and surgery's for both myself and my husband, we wanted to have a child so badly but it was not happening.


After being told by several Doctors that I would never be able to get pregnant, we decided to start the adoption process. At that time, over 40 years ago, It was about a five year processing time to adopt in the US.  Not wanting to have to waite that long we decided to go another route and adopt a child from Santiago Chile.


After about two months into the adoption process, I came upon a Novena to the Blessed Mother. For two months stright, every day I got on my knees and said this novena.


When I got to the part where I had to say my intentions, I would always say the same thing, that we would get our child swiftly, safely and economically. I would mention those three things because it was very difficult at that time to get a visa for a child, very expensive, and I wanted the journey to be safe.

After about two months I noticed I was late, almost two weeks late. I made an apt. with my Dr. and she took a blood test to see if I was pregnant, the test came back negitive. I waited another week and then decided to take a pregnance test myself at home.


I can tell you that even after fourty years I distinctly remember that day, I waited the proper time after taking the test, and  there it was, It was positive, I was pregnant!  The joy, the excitement, and greatfulness I felt will always be a part of me.


How could this be after ten years and all the Doctors telling us it would never happen.  I know some will say "Oh she just relaxed and it happenend."  My belief is that is was a miracle from the Blessed Mother, that was my experience and I will always believe and give her the honor. I am not asking anyone to believe as I believe or  am I saying  You will have the same ewxperience as me, I just want to share what is true for me.


My intention for creating this candle, was to honor the Blessed Mother for my miracle. Thank You for letting me share my story, and I pray and believe for miracles in all our lives.



SANDALWOOD...calms the mind and spirit, creating clear thought.

ROSE.....the scent of divine love.


AQUMARINE... calming, soothing energy, the stone of courage.

ROSE QUARTZ..gentel, peaceful energy, opening the heart to universal love.

BLUE LACE AGATE... peaceful calming energy especiall when stressed, helps you to be gentel with yourself.

LARIMAR...helps you to go with the flow of life, peaceful energy.



SKU: 1001
  • 9oz/225.15 grams. Glass jar with a lid

    Never leave a candle unattended while burning

    Never pick up a candle while burning.

    Trim your wick back 1/4 of an inch before relighting.

    100% coconut blend wax

    Approximately 60 hours of burn time.

    Please take the time to light your candle properly for the first burn, allowing the wax to melt out to the edge of the container.  Avoiding this step for the first burn may create what is callled a "tunnel ring", meaning when you go to relight your candle it will only burn out to the ring and create a whole down the center of your  candle.