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Archangel Raziel’s role is to assist in revealing the secrets of God and the divine knowledge of your soul, and the earth.


He is the angel to work with when wanting to open the third eye chakra, combining you intuition with your intellect, and understanding how the world works.


He is known as the Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge. He aids you in connecting your physical well being with your emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Connecting all four elements will guide you in a deeper understanding, linking your phyical understanding with the understanding of the magic and wonder of the universe.


He is said to know all the secrets of the universe.  As a keeper of the secret knowledge of heaven, Raziel can help whenever you  find you are in a difficult situation that is  impossible or hard to understand.


Archangel Raziel will help you to see your challenges and experiences in a higher perspective, from the soul’s point of view.  This is done to help you understand the lesson, so it may support you in your purpose in this life.


As you become more self-aware, your understanding will increase and your thoughts will deepen into wisdom.


Archangel Raziel frequents people who are drawn to spiritual awakening, i.e. people who want to teach, speak and share this knowledge of awakening.


Call on him to increase your psychic ability. He can help remove blocks to your spiritual gifts, as you do this work you will see people will be drawn to you for your support and knowledge.


Archangel Raziel’s indigo ray can help bring healing to mental and physical problems you may have, that are preventing you from moving forward on your spiritual journey.


It is said that when you see rainbow colors, Archangel Raziel is near.



NAG ancient incense used in meditation,soothing to the body, mind and spirit. It is thought to stimulate spiritual awareness, while keeping you grounded in the present.



LABRADORITE...The stone of transformation, helping you to see the bigger picture in life.   Helps to bring forth the wisdom and inner power to set you free to a higher path.

AMETHYST... The stone of illumination, peace, and wisdom.  Helps to awaken your psychic abilities

AZURITE... Stone of inner vision. This stone helps connect the heart chakra to the third eye chakra by allwoing you to understand and see what no longer serves you, giving you the intelligence to remove all old blockages holding you back.

CLEAR CUARTZ...This stone is the master healer, lifting blockages holding you back from your turth and your higher consciousness.

SODALITE...Helps to form a deep connection with the truth of your soul, enlightening your path.

MOONSTONE... The stone of new beginnings, encouraging the truth of your emotions.




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