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 "Strength of God" 

If you are feeling a nudge to explore deeper into your spiritual connection, then Ezekiel is the angel to call on.


He is the angel of transformation, and whn asked he will support you on your journey with ease and grace.  He will assist you and help ease your fears in regards to old beliefs.  Old beliefs, that perhaps are preventing you from delving into the possibility of the angelic realm.


While change is not always easy, his energy of comfort and calm will help you understand your pure , unique, and divine connection to the angelic and spiritual realm.


He will shower you with love and light as you learn to connect to other angels.


If opening yourself up to the spiritual realm is new for you, then Ezekiel is the angel to guide you on your journey.



Nag Champa, soothing to the mind body and spirit.

Pink Sugar,  when combined with the Nag Champa is creates a heavenly aroma.



Labradorite.   The crystal of the awakened path

Kyanite.             Supports spiritual awareness and logical thinking.

Obsidian.          Encourages bravery, provides protection and inner 


Rose Quartz.    The crystal of divine love.


  • 90z/225.15g  glass jar with a lid

     All natural coconut wax

    Led free wick

    Never pick up a candle while it is burning

    Trim the wick back 1/4 of an inch before relighting

    Approximately 50-60 hours of burn time