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Archangel Azrael's primary function is to assist people in making the transition from this world to the afterlife.  He is a powerful spiritual being whose role is to surround the dying and the grieving with a loving,comforting healing energy.


Archangel Azrael is very respectful of grieving families, and if asked, he will bring a healing energy to the family.


Archangel Azrael reminds us that after death we do not bring anything from the material world  with us.  What we do bring with us as we journey out of the physical form and beyond, is the development and growth of our soul.


He reminds us that the main reason for  our soul to be in the physical, is for the growth and evolution of our soul.


Archangel Azrael wants us to understand this concept while still living, so we may see the importance and realize the benefits of working through our life’s lessons. 


Archangel Azrael will gladly support us through this process if we ask.

If we decide to go through this process with Azrael, reviewing our time so far on earth, he will help us to heal from guilt, anger, regret and the pain of not being able to forgive, so we may find true joy and peace as the soul evolves in this life.


He brings comfort to the dying and assists them with great love and compassion as they transition from their physical body into the spirit realm.


As the soul passes over, he guides them in reviewing the life they have just lived.  This is done with many different spiritual beings, with great love, compassion and wisdom. The soul’s veil is lifted and it reviews and witnesses it's journey on earth, as well as the many lessons it granted.


You will know and feel his presence when you can step back while in the moment of grieving and become an observer during the death process, being fully aware that this is a journey we will all take, as we go from this life to the next.



NAG CHAMPA...An ancient incense used in meditation.  It believed to elevate your spiritual awareness while keeping you grounded to the present.  Soothing to the body, mind and spirit.


ROSE QUARTZ... Soothing,gentle, loving energy, opening your heart with love.

PEACH MOONSTONE...stone of comfort and compassion.  Healer of all emotion, providing a loving energy to support your heart.

APACHE TEAR...Comforting in times of grief. Metaphorically "sheds" the tears for one in their time of sorrow, helping to both undersand and accept the heartach of loss.


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