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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel.  Our life force, or prana, inside of us is always spinning and rotating.  There are 7 Chakras or centers in our body always spinning and rotating. They start at the base of your spine and move up to the top of your head. If a Chakra is blocked, spins to quickly or moves to slowly our health will suffer and our mind, body and spirit will not be in alignment.  When we are balanced in these 7 Chakras it provides energy to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

These beautiful candles were made for an author, Laura Lyn. Laura Lyn is an Inspirational Psychic and Medium. She also is an Angel Reader, Teacher, Author and Spiritual Life Coach.  She believes everyone has a Divine Purpose and her love is to help people discover their purpose with the help of Angels, Spirit Guides, and Departed loved Ones to receive answers.  The seven chakra candles were made to correspond with her book “Healing with The Angel Rays.”

The Labels on the candles were gifted to Laura form a friend and amazing artist, Rassouli!  The images are truly memorizing and a work of art.


Please visit Laura Lyn at You can find out much more about her, schedule a reading, read about her journey.  You can get her book “Healing with The Angel Rays” on amazon.



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