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Archangel Jermiel is the angel of hope and dreams. He can help with a review of your life, to see if you are going in the right direction for your soul's true path.


He mainly communicates through symbols, visions and dreams.


Jermiel can help you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they can be completely our of alignment with what you truly desire.  These emotions can be blocking your from receiving the peace, mercy, and all the divine gifts of heaven.


He can assist you in seeing the patterns in your life that have led to your current emotional state.


He is a powerful ally, helping you to realign your path to its highest potential, remembering the path your soul created prior to being born into the physical realm.


Jeremiel will suport you in seeing what is preventing you from steppinmg into the energy of freedom.


As the angel of emotions, Jeremiel shows you God's mercy by helping you take inventory of your thoughts and emotions, in a way that will bring about positive change.


Archange; Jeremiel can help transcend interenal obstacles to which you have become attached.  These obstacles can be from trauma or past experiences that have blocked you from your divine gifts.  Ask him to help you see how these beliefs and emotions no longer serve you, so you may step into your light, and create the life you desire.



NAG ancient incense used in meditation, it is said to stimulate spiritual awareness while keeping you grounded to the present, soothing to the body, mind and spirit. (patchouli, sandalwood, dragons blood)


AMETHYST...stone of illumination, peace, and wisdom. Helps awaken your psychic abilities.

CLEAR QUARTZ...the master healer, lifting blockages that are holding you back from your truth and your higher consciousness.


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  • 9oz/255.15g. glass jar with a lid

    100% coconut blend wax

    Never leave a candler unattended while burning

    Never move a candle while it is burning

    Always trim your wick back 1/4 of an inch before reburning.

    Approximately  60 hours of burn time.

    Please take the time to burn your candle properly for the first time, allowing the wax to melt out the the edge of the container.  Avoiding this step may cause what is called a "tunnel ring", meaning when you go to relight your candle it iwll only bur out to the ring, causing a hole in the center of your candle.