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Of all the Archangels Michael is the most well known, and is believed to be the leader of all the other angels. It is also believed that he is the easiest Angel with whom to connect to.


Michael governs the element of Fire.  Fire is the element of transformation, helping you to get rid of things that no longer serve you, while bringing new things in that will benefit your growth, and help bring change to the world.


Archangel Michael is the Angel of Protection and Patron Saint of Policeman.


It is my experience that as soon as you invite him into your life you will feel his love and protection. He is often pictured holding a sword, which represents courage and his ability to cut through cords of resistance and fear.  With his mighty shield, he will help you conquer and overcome obstacles that stand in your path.

When it comes to change and moving forward with your life’s journey, it requires you to step into the unknown, and outside of your comfort zone.  The human mind does not want to feel the fear of being vulnerable. It wants to keep you safe and protected. This mindset does not allow you to grow but keeps you stuck.

Archangel Michael’s assistance, allows your mind to feel comfort and safe while being centered in the state of trust and love.


As you step into the unknown, his powerful energy will give you the confidence to move forward,

eliminating obstacles that are holding you back from living the beautiful life you were created to live.



NAG ancient incense used in meditaion,soothing to the body, mind and spirit. It is thought to stimulate spiritual awareness while keeping you grounded to the present. (patchouli,sandalwood, dragons blood)



LAPIS...Helps to bring in guidance and allow understanding. Clear away any distractions that may take you away from you true path..

BLUE LACE AGATE... Helps top Speak your truth in a positive way for the higher purpose of your soul.

KYANITE...Communication stone allowing for inner wisdom and deep understanding while meditating.

AMAZONITE...Stone of hope,trust and truth.  It's healing energy can help you step forward, releasing what no longer serves you.

AMETHYST...Helps with providing guidance while bringing in a sense of peace and calm.


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