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The Throat Chakra, color Blue, it is located in the throat area.  Archangel Michael is associated with this Chakra. 

This is the Chakra of being able to speak your truth, your ability to trust, and your loyalty. When blocked it can be seen as speaking without thinking, being dominate in a conversation, not speaking your truth. When balanced you speak with confidence, love and truth.  You will listen to others, with compassion and love.


GERANIUM...The scent of trust, helps bring the heart chakra in balance, realizing feelings of love in both giving and receiving. It helps balance both masculine and feminine energies, with an overall feeling of protection.

PATCHOULI...The scent of being present and balanceing and heightening you awareness.


AQUMARINE...helps you to feel connected and speak your turth.

LAPIS LAZULI...The stone of truth, having open communication speaking with eloquence and wisdom, always coming from a place of love not anger.

BLUE SODALITE... Helps your mind be steadfast, getting your thoughts and feelings in order, so as to be rational and logical as you speak.

BLUE LACE AGATE: Helps with difficult conversation, being mindful not to lead with anger and hurt, but to speak your turth in a positive way for the higher purpose of your soul.

BLUE KYANITE: Helps communicate with inner wisdom and understanding.



SKU: 2005
  • 4oz/113.4grams / glass jar with a lid

    100% natural coconut/soy blend wax

    Never leave a candle unattended while it is burning

    Never pick up or move a candle while it is burning

    Trim the wick back1/4 of an inch before relighting for a slow and cleaner burn

    Approximately 20-25 hours of burn time

    Please take the time the first time you light your candled, allowing the wax to melt out to the edges of the container.  If this step is avoided for the first burn, you will create what is called a "tunnel ring", meaning the next time you go to relight your candle, it will only burn out to ring, creating a hole in the center.