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While driving through a small town in Maine back in 2008, I stopped at a roadside candle shop. When I entered, I watched the proprietor happily making candles in her workshop. The dream was born that day of sharing inspiration through candles.

My name is Joanne Tedesco and I would like to share with you my vision of Loving Lights Candle Company.


As a breast cancer survivor, one of my desires has been to encourage and support people along their journey. As I was transforming my life and becoming aware of how precious it was, certain words began to leave an imprint on my soul.  Beautiful words of Love, Hope, and Belief. Belief in knowing that I am supported on my journey and that all things are possible if I truly believe.

As the years passed, I started to read and learn about the different angels and how they are here to give support, guidance, and love and so our Angel Line came to fruition.


I wanted to create more than just a candle. I wanted to cultivate a candle both soothing to the senses and inspiring to the soul. Fire and flame signifies transformation and change, this is why candles are a wonderful modality to work with.

The Remembrance Line was created to bring Love, Nurturing and Compassion to someone grieving a loss. It is the perfect gift to give someone to bring comfort in their time of sorrow.

The Archangel Line was created as a tool to help you heal through different challenges and aspects of your life. Each Angel holds a specific energy to work through specific issues.

The Chakra Line consist of seven candles related to the seven chakra centers in our body. Created as a tool to help you bring "life force energy" throughout the body.

The Inspirational Word Line was created as a gift of inspiration. Each candle has a card, with a message I have written to give hope.

My mission is to provide a quality product, which will encourage, inspire and exceed the expectations of candle lovers everywhere. The candles are made with love and light from my heart to yours.


With Love,


To learn more about the angels follow some of my favorite people.

Christina Aroche

Adam Barralet

Laura Lynn Angel Reader

House Plants and Candle
Spa and Wellness
Coconut Treats

Made with 100% natural coconut blend


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